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“Don’t count the days, make the days count” — Muhammad Ali


Our large, modern gym contains some of the most up-to-date fitness equipment, including the very latest ‘Life Fitness’ resistance machines. Fully air-conditioned, equipped with extensive free weights and supervised by qualified fitness instructors.

On joining all members will follow the complimentary Rossis Journey.


Stage One – Gym Induction session this is to familiarise yourself with the cardio and resistance equipment.


Stage Two – To design your individual fitness programme to help you achieve your personal needs, aims and goals.


Stage Three – A follow up consultation to see how you are progressing with your programme and a review of technique and weight selection.


Stage Four – Your body will have adapted to your programme and so a new stimulus is required. At this stage our fitness team will design a new individual programme to continue your fitness journey.


Rossis is the perfect place to work out and reach your fitness aims and goals.

As well as offering the Rossis Journey members also receive the following.



You will be accompanied around the exercise stations, advising you of weight selections, sets, repetitions and technique. Our fitness staff will be on hand to make sure your programme is helping you achieve your goals and where necessary adjust any features of your programme to ensure your visits are as productive as possible. After approximately 12 sessions , you will be notified by our fitness team to update your programme to ensure maximum results.



A complimentary fitness assessment includes a series of simple tests to measure blood pressure, lung capacity, body composition and general health, all to determine your present level of fitness. The benefits of having regular fitness assessments can increase your motivation and monitor your progression.



A one-to-one personal training session with nutritional guidance will help you achieve more from each session. Excellent for motivation and to drive you towards your goals more quickly, eg: weight loss, muscle tone or enhanced sporting performance.



All our fitness instructors are specially trained and hold nationally recognised qualifications. They attend regular courses throughout the year to keep up-to-date with the latest fitness advice.



For your enjoyment whilst you exercise, we have installed an audio and visual entertainment system.

For further information please contact reception on (01692) 404966 or via the contact form.

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