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In-house Physiotherapist and Sports Injury Clinic

October 11, 2016

North Norfolk Physiotherapy is a leading Physiotherapist and Sports Injury Clinic based at Rossis. All our Physiotherapists are Chartered and Members of the Health Professions Council. The Clinic is also BUPA approved. Clinics are available weekdays, evenings and some Saturdays, offering a wide range of treatments including: Acupuncture, Manipulation, Taping, Sports Screening, Sports Massage, Soft Tissue Release and Clinical Pilates.  To make an appointment call 07788 727649 Visit Website

Up and Running Treatments offer Sports Therapy for everyone. Sports Therapy is an aspect of complementary health-care that is growing in stature. Many of its practical methods have developed traditionally over a long period of time. It is aimed at helping individuals improve their health fitness, and functional or athletic performance. Sports therapy is getting more popular, and can be used by all individuals, not just sports people to help prevent and treat injuries. Sports Therapy helps improve fitness, posture, mobility, strength, agility, relaxation, body awareness and well-being. Visit Website

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