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The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is calling…

July 28, 2017

Bon Voyage David and Good Luck from all at Rossis for your big adventure in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2017/18

The big day has finally arrived and on Sunday 30th July David Greer, who has been undergoing his land training for the race with Rossis, is leaving his North Norfolk home for more than 12 months.


The start of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is now just three weeks away and David will spend a week in Gosport with his Team – PSP Logistics, helping to prepare their yacht for the race and undertaking additional training for his appointed role as Lead Bosun. David will then spend a week sailing the yacht to its starting point, Liverpool’s Albert Dock to join the festivities of “pre-race week” in Liverpool and to meet the Leg One Crew signing on for duty on 16th August.


David will be on the yacht by 7am on race day, 20th August 2017.  The ropes on the twelve 75 foot yachts will be slipped at 8.15am followed by a parade of all 12 teams out on the water. The starting gun will go at 12.30 and then begins the gruelling first race from Liverpool to Uruguay in South America, some 6,400 nautical miles long. This is the first of 13 races and will take around 36 days. During the Race the crew will work 4 hours on 4 hours off during the night and 6 hours on 6 hours off during the day. Add to that the need for all the crew to take their turn at cooking and cleaning, it’s certainly no holiday!  There are few luxuries on board; with a double row of bunks in the corridor below deck, two heads (toilets) and no showers. The crew will work and sleep at a 45 degree angle for 36 consecutive days.


Fitness Manager, Liam Killington caught up with David at Rossis and asked him how his final training has been going and how he is feeling about his forthcoming adventure. David said that he now feels as prepared as he can be in terms of land training and that he is very grateful for Rossis’ hard work and flexibility on his programme.  He told Liam about his recent level 4 training during which he took part in a 9 Yacht Race from Yarmouth in the Isle of Wight to Cherbourg in France and back with his yacht coming in first in its category.  The crew also undertook many Man Overboard drills in addition to practice race starts.  David was called upon in his role as Lead Bosun on several occasions to make running repairs to the large primary winches (known as coffee grinders). A little daunting as he has not yet received his official Bosun training, but his ability to problem-solve kept his yacht in the race.


David reflected on his forthcoming adventure and said “It’s a mixture of excitement, anticipation and trepidation”.  He is concerned about leaving his family and dogs for just over a year but also looking forward to being reunited with his twin brother in Fremantle in Australia in December. He added that whilst the work on the boat can still feel gruelling, it is far easier than when he first stepped onto the yacht in March 2017 thanks to his training with Rossis. His balance which was affected by brain injury is now much improved as is his ability to repeatedly deliver short sharp bursts of high energy when required, such as when hoisting sails.


Liam added “I must say I’m so excited for David, what an exciting once in a lifetime opportunity. We will be following his progress intently and hope we can generate further sponsorship for him by sharing his Just Giving link. He has prepared fantastically well and I’m sure he will be a real asset to the crew on his boat.”  We’ll keep you updated with news of David’s progress between now and the end of the race on 28th July 2018 and there is a copy of David’s racing programme and route map in the Gym.


If you would like to follow the race you can do so at The race link will go live on 20th August 2017 where you can see how Team PSP Logistics are doing in boat CV28.


David is raising money for Headway (UK), the brain injury charity who helped him and his wife Marie after he suffered a serious brain injury in June 2012. His Just Giving page can be found at if you’d like to help.


For now, all of us at Rossis wish David the very best of luck in his adventure and look forward to catching up with him on his return.

Rossis - 2017