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Rossis says thank you to group of community-spirited local boys …

November 1, 2016

We were delighted to hear of a group of teenage boys who saw a local problem and rolled up their sleeves to sort it out.  The North Norfolk News recently reported on a group of 13 to 14 year old boys who attend North Walsham High School and were upset when they arrived to use the skate park during their half-term holidays to find it had been trashed; strewn with litter, broken glass and vomit.  They pooled cash from their lunch money to buy cleaning materials and set to clearing up the mess.  On returning the next day, they were devastated to discover it once again covered with more litter and broken glass so cleaned up all over again to make the site safe for children using it.


The Town Council presented each of the boys with a Certificate of Thanks and a voucher to visit us at Rossis for a game of tenpin bowling with a burger and drink at Strikers and we received a great thank you e-mail from them….


From Joe Finnegan … (In his own words)

Dear Mr Rossi and Matt
Thank you very much from all of us for our treat this afternoon. We all really enjoyed the bowling and the burger and drink. Matt and all the staff looked after us really well. Hopefully people will be a bit more thoughtful at the skate park now.
Thank you again from Joe Finnegan and the rest of the skate park boys.

Local boys clean up Skate Park

Rossis - 2017